Blenz Coffee Rebrand



The brief for this project was to pick a company from a curated list to rebrand. Deliverables include: new brand identity, logo, corporate stationery, and three brand touchpoints of choice.


When recalling past local retail experiences, Blenz stood for their quality drinks, bright yellow branding, and quirky beverage names. I felt that there was an opportunity to re-position Blenz as a premium quality coffee shop, a characteristic they have been identifying with since inception.


The coffee bean icon pays homage to the 90’s with the overlay of the two shapes, respecting the humble beginnings of Blenz.

Canela was chosen as the logotype to create a timeless yet modern look, overall elevating the brand.


To refrain from completely deviating from its roots, the rebrand has pivoted to a metallic pantone bronze instead. The goal is to make this new colour as iconic and memorable as their signature yellow was.

PANTONE Warm Grey 1 C
PANTONE Warm Grey 1 C / 40%

Brand Touchpoints

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