Chadwick Mental Health and Resource centre


The brief for this project was to take Chadwick Mental Health Resources Centre, a conceptual company, and create a brand identity. Deliverables include: logo, brand visual guide, two brand touchpoints, and an annual report.


Chadwick Mental Health Resources Centre is a hub that aims to remove the stigma around mental health and substance abuse through information, education and support to children, youth and families across BC.


Chadwick’s icon visually represents Chadwick’s motto, “hand in hand with you and yours,” to symbolize the support system you have and will gain through Chadwick. The icon shows of two hands coming together, representing support.

The full visual brand identity guide can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Annual Report

Another part of the deliverables was to produce an annual report. This report includes information about how the year went, new programs that launched, financial highlights, and a message from the president.

The full annual report can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Brand Touchpoints

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