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Mostest is first and foremost, a publication for women. Filled with essays and reviews written by women, Mostest will give you fresh inspiration every season with the latest on hosting. Content includes dishes of the season by top female chefs, DIY’s to elevate your party, reviews of products made by female business owners, and more.


The brief for this project was to create a conceptual magazine from the ground up. Deliverables include: a brand name and logo, editorial mandate, cover spread, photography, and styling.


My inspiration for this project was to create a magazine for women who thrives under the love language, ‘acts of service.’ After seeing a multitude of books written on this topic, it’s become apparent that there’s a need for a publication of this genre. With a focus on ‘slow living’, issues will be released every season highlighting the different types of parties and intimate gatherings attached to the each season.

There are always new ways to approach decor, cooking, games, and hosting, and by having a magazine that releases a new issue every quarter, readers will get the season’s latest from the industry’s best.


For the cover story, I wanted to showcase the mood of what Mostest is all about. The magazine's focus isn't how to be the most elaborate. It’s about choosing the right pieces, each item fulfilling a specific need. This is why I decided to go right to the basics for the cover story: dinnerware essentials.

The front cover photo and accompanying images were shot and styled by me. I kept the background minimal, making sure that each item could stand out on its own.

Table of Contents & Cover Spread

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